About Us

Developed in 2012, the label was initially introduced as a winter component to the Holiday Trading & Co Collective, one of Australia’s most well-known lifestyle companies.

The Brave+True label has since grown in popularity, and has cemented itself as one of Australia’s most loved womenswear brands. It also available in stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

Every design is imbued with the essence of adventure and discovery, but also the personal quest to express yourself through your style; of saying who you are without having to speak.

Combining feminine pieces, striking modern silhouettes, streamlined fabrics and a contemporary colour palette; the brand delivers versatile and classic styles perfect for every occasion. We firmly believe that fashion should be fun and inspiring for everyone.

In 2019 we launched our everywoman campaign, which emphasises that our collections are made for every day, every night, every age, every style, every shape, every occasion and every woman. This motto carries through with every new collection we develop.

Our collections are made for every day, every night, every age, every style, every size, every occasion and every woman. We are inspired by all the exceptional women in our world who are trying to balance their daily responsibilities and still feel beautiful, confident and supported. The notion of everywoman underscores our commitment to a new way forward.

We have designed the latest collection with individual pieces that make stylish statements but with an understanding that versatility and comfort are key. We have aimed for the perfect mix of glamorous, classical and practical pieces through to gorgeous lounge and fun weekend wear.

The words brave and true provide the foundation of our design mantra. Taking a chance every day, believing you are enough and being true to yourself.

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